A - Jekyll & Hyde: Oogie Boogie - Last Release

A - Jekyll & Hyde: Oogie Boogie - Last Release


Value Projected / Sold Out:  $2,500

Max Currently Sold:  $1700

Current Aftermarket:  $100 - $1700

Year / Pre-Order Cost:  2019 /  $100  Last Release

Size:  3.5"


Unlike the others the only Red version made was a promo that went to the 12 backers on the presell in 2016 theses did not glow.  It was decided to change the inside to orange on the first 25 pins released for this pin in 2016 first release.


" This pin's quite differnet than others in the series. Was asked to have it created as a orange fill background and boom! Arrival of 25 red background pins and they glow inside the frame which i didn't ask for either so that was nice. 


This was the last pins we did with this factory after they couldn't follow directions anymore.



Limited Edition of 50 / Orange x25

Jumbo pin

Gold finish

Boogie inside glows


Black rubber pin backs/ 2 post

Part of the Jekyll & Hyde Series  #5v glow

Last Release



The bare necessities

Metal / Hard enamel

Pins 3.5'' W/  2.5mm thick pin.



Packaging/ Shipping Info

Bubble bagged inserted into a Bubble Envelope

Fragile Sticker on Envelope

Paypay Tracking with email confirmation

If you purchase multiple pins in an order, they are shipped as they arrive.


This is the last 25 pins released. This retires this design of the Limited Edition 50.