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Masterpiece Theater: Emperors New Groove

Masterpiece Theater: Emperors New Groove

$450.00 Regular Price
$75.00Sale Price


Limited Edition of 50

Jumbo pin

Pin on Pin

Canvas Printed insert: Artwork painted by Eric Hollar

Black rubber pin backs/ 2 post

Part of the Masterpiece Theather Series #3



The bare necessities

Zinc Alloy /Hard Enamel

Pins 3'' W/  2.75 mm thick pin.

Custom Art Piece


Packaging/ Shipping Info

Bubble bagged inserted into a Bubble Envelope

Fragile Sticker on Envelope

Paypay Tracking with email confirmation

If you purchase multiple pins in an order, they are shipped as they arrive.


First Release

Only 40 pins will be Released as First Release

  • Current Update:

    Factory A

    Artproof Adjusting Stage

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