Reflections: Ariel / Pre-Order

Reflections: Ariel / Pre-Order

$425.00 Regular Price
$65.00Sale Price


Limited Edition of 75

Gold finish

Color 3d

3D Framework

Black rubber pin backs/ 2 post

Part of the Reflections Series #4



The bare necessities

Zinc Alloy /Hard Enamel

Pins 2.5'' W/  3mm thick pin.

Custom Art Piece


Packaging/ Shipping Info

Bubble bagged inserted into a Bubble Envelope

Fragile Sticker on Envelope

Paypay Tracking with email confirmation

If you purchase multiple pins in an order, they are shipped as they arrive.

  • Current Update:

  • Current Update:

    Prototyping Re-Underway Remold, Molded wrong. It was not made as 3d raised like others in series nor was it pin on pin.