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Music in Me: Ariel

Music in Me: Ariel



Limited Edition of 30

Gold finish


Individually numbered

Black rubber pin backs/ 2 post

Part of the Music In Me Series #3

First Release



The bare necessities

Metal / Hard Enamel

Pins 2'' H / 2mm thick pin.



Packaging/ Shipping Info

Bubble bagged inserted into a Bubble Envelope

Fragile Sticker on Envelope

Paypay Tracking with email confirmation

If you purchase multiple pins in an order, they are shipped as they arrive.


Values: First Release


A grade                       $ 595

B grade                       $ 300

C grade                       $ 150


Prototypes $1,800   LE1 (Fin was Teal) - 2017 First Prototype

Prototypes $1900   LE1  (As Pictured with Green) - 2018 First Prototype

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