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Hollar Designs FAQs

What happens when I pre-order a pin?

There are up to 20 pre-sale spots available for each pin. Once we reach quota, a sample is ordered. Once the sample is made and arrives, the pin is inspected to make sure there are no pin mold issues, color issues, line work errors, etc. If adjustments are needed, a second sample is ordered with those adjustments made; if more adjustments are needed, this process is repeated until we’re happy with the outcome. Once all spots are filled for pre-orders, the final production pins are ordered. Pin updates are all done on this website, simply search your pin and look at the bottom of the pin to find the section called pin updates. No pictures will be posted til samples are complete per character copyright's request.


How do I find out the status of a pin I ordered?

Pin updates are posted only on this website, simply use the search bar to find your pin. Only samples will be posted on the site once a pin is nearly complete or complete.


How long does it take to get a pre-order pin?

It varies from pin to pin, but timing is typically based on size, colors, thickness, 3D effects, pin-on-pin features, and of course how busy the manufacturer is. The longest a pin takes is typically four to six months from the time the pin enters to start a sample pin with  smaller simple pins, And 8 to 12 months on Jumbo's. We strive to maintain high quality standards with our intricate designs. For example, small pins that have less than 8 colors and are simple in design are typically done ~3 months after entering samples. Large pins (like the Ultimate Grail series with over 80 colors), take a lot longer to produce, with the sample taking 4 to 8 months to complete and then production on the full run taking another 3 to 4 months. Due to COVID-19 and manufacturing delays that all pin makers are experiencing, this timeline has extended significantly. You can view the pins that are currently in production with manufacturers on the Production page. Once a pin is made, another pin can be added to production, but manufacturers are currently limiting the number of pins being made for one customer at a time due to their backlog. 


Why does it take so long?

Most people are unaware that the initial molds are not done by machine, but rather by hand since this allows the design to have thinner lines instead of the thicker lines that a machine requires. The colors are all hand-filled on each pin and each color is baked for 6 hours (so, one color a day). When a pin has 80 colors, that means it takes 80 days for just that one sample to be completed. If there are any issues with that sample, it’s either remade or the change is made in the production pin if it’s an easy adjustment based on colors we’ve used on past pins.


We also have no control over how busy the manufacturer is at the time a pin is sent for sample. We’re just a small company that is only having 25 or 50 pins made at a time, versus their larger well-known brand customers that are having thousands of pins made and are thus given priority at times. That being said, we’ve switched manufacturers several times over the last couple of years to find one that we are truly happy with in terms of quality and responsiveness. We’ll admit that we didn’t have the best manufacturers in the beginning and it shows in the quality of the pin for some designs. We’re very happy with the manufacturer we use now, even if it means it takes a little longer to get a pin. We’d rather have a high-quality pin than one that doesn’t live up to our standards and is one that a customer isn’t happy with. You’re not just buying a pin, it’s an investment and we want you to be happy. We realize that the time it takes is not ideal for some people, but most regular and original fantasy pin buyers/investors are aware that great pins take a while to receive. 


Other pin makers get pins done faster, so why do yours take so long? What makes your pins different?

That’s like comparing apples to oranges, it’s not an equal assessment. We pride ourselves on producing top-quality pins that are not limited by colors, features (like cut-outs and dangles) or size. As mentioned above, we use a top-tier large manufacturer that produces superior quality pins, so we don’t skimp on features just to keep our costs low. We’re willing to pay the extra money for those added features that some places won’t even consider. Our manufacturer has said that we constantly push him to higher creative standards and thinking by challenging them to do things they’ve never done in 20+ years of making pins (even if they say it’ll be the hardest pin they’ve ever done). That being said, we don’t like to bash another fantasy pin maker since that’s not how we operate and is not the type of behavior we encourage. Everyone is allowed to do things the way they see fit and we’re not here to judge their work.


What is your return policy?

As stated with the terms you accept when you place an order, we do not offer refunds, except when a pin has not been funded and will therefore not be made, NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICYThe pin funding determination will be made within 2 months after a pin is listed for pre-sell. Once a pin is in production (meaning manufacturing costs have been paid and the pin is currently in the manufacturer's queue for production), if a refund is requested you will ONLY be given a store credit in the amount equal to your purchase price. Note that pins can take up to 18 months to be manufactured, depending on the complexity and size of the pins, coupled with the manufacturer's workload. That's not typically the case, but it can happen. If you're not comfortable waiting that long for your pin, then please do not place an order. We try to get them in as quickly as possible, but we're small beans compared to Fortune 500 corporations that use the same manufacturers, so we're at their mercy in regards to timelines. However, this allows us to produce the highest quality pins. We'd rather wait longer and have high-value and high-quality pins than to get them in quickly and lose that guarantee. We realize that the time it takes is not ideal for some people, but most regular and original fantasy pin buyers/investors are aware that great pins take a while to receive. 


However, if within a week of shipping the pin to you, you notice a serious defect in the pin (like a loose back post), then please contact us immediately. You can ship the pin back to us and we will replace it, if we have it in stock, else a store credit is issued. Please note that with all pin manufacturers, there will be minor dings/scratches/dips in paint (even Disney Parks pins sold in stores have these defects). We have no control over this, but strive to only mail pins that we would proudly display on our own boards or buy ourselves. We pack all pins in bubble bags and then put the bubble bags inside bubble mailers, so it's rare that a pin is damaged during shipment. We check each and every pin for defects and problems before we place the pins on card backs and/or inside bubble bags & envelopes. Note: Pins purchased from our 'flawed pin' sales are not eligible for returns and are sold as-is (these are not sold on the website, but contact Eric if you wish to purchase a flawed pin at a heavy discount). 


What is this Spin Class that I keep hearing about?

We formerly sold a 2-pack grab bag of in stock pins on our website and only included certain designs. However, we switched that up to allow people to purchase one random in-stock pin from our website, with no limitations on which pin they receive or the value of that pin. All of the in-stock pins are valued at more than $25 each, so this is a great way to start or add to your Hollar Fantasy Pin collection (or they can serve as traders). To make it fair (and fun) to all, we compile those who have ordered the “One Random In-Stock Pin” and then select their random pins in a Live Facebook video, run by Thomas, one of our admins. The selection is made using (thus the “Spin Class” name suggested by one of our regular customers), so you have no worries about the true randomness of the selected pin. You do not need to be present during Spin Class, but it is a lot of fun for those that participate. We ship all pins selected the following week of ‘Spin Class.’ If you want to check things out, be sure to follow our Facebook group or check the website for the next date. We try to do one or two Spin Classes a month, depending on what new pins have arrived. Hint: In addition to new pins being included, there are also a couple ‘Spin Class’ exclusive pins that are only available on the wheel and even “Hollar Dollars” that can be used towards a purchase.  


Do you draw your own artwork?

Most of the designs are my own, but I do collaborate with other designers who are part of the Hollar Fantasy Pin family, most wishing to remain anonymous. I also do commissioned work when others need someone to make their pin ideas into reality.


Do you only design pins?

No! I’ve been an artist since I was a little boy, beginning high-level art lessons at the age of 7. So drawing has always been a passion of mine. In addition to fantasy pins, I’ve also designed tattoos, done graphic work (including logos) for local businesses and other graphic art projects. T-shirts as well as other national works. You can always message us for pricing on these types of jobs.


I began making Fantasy Pins at the beginning of 2015. I’ve been a big Disney pin collection since we first became Disney World Passholders 9 years ago and grew up drawing Disney-related stuff all the time. I love pins so much and love to draw that it just made sense to make Disney fantasy pins, so I did.

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